: Fake Webhosting !!

1 month ago, i tried to make blog that self–hosted, choosing the best webhost is the most important thing that help you grow your own blog.

Yes, second.. Database space and bandwidth limit are same important with the text above..

Third.. Absolutely FREE.. Teens like me don’t have much money to buy webhost and its domain self. My genius teacher said, “free is always delicious”. So, it’s not the problem.

Well, after spent my time, money, and love (lha?), i’ve got the criterias, i choosing

They offered me unlimited space storage, unlimited space upgrade, auto installer and so on.
Hah, that make me interested.

I have account, i think i’m the first Indonesian people that using account, it released in march, 2011. New webhost.

Then, i opened my account. ” oh my gosh, the space storage only 10GB, and the bandwitdh 150GB, i think it’s so huge, but it’s not reliable with what they promised before.

Hmmm.. That’s OK! I think 10GB is too huge for newbie blogger like me.
And… My site has been created. I grow and grow my site that addressed in In less than 2 weeks, my site ranked #14.259.320 , imo that’s great!!

That site growing so fast. Yeah, i feel comfort for this case.

And then? Next day, i opened my account, whatt the??? My account has suspended… Oh my godness!!!
They said that my site abused their ToS. But, they cannot tell detail reason, absolutely it makes me confused.

They give chance for asking to reactivate my account. I asked them via e-mail for reactivation,
but they rejected my ticket. And never tell the mistakes to me.

Akkhhh…. What a LIE!!! What a FAKEE!!


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  1. Posted by Anonim on Juni 14, 2011 at 5:51 am

    dude go with


  2. yes.. is Fake…


  3. Posted by Alexis on Juli 29, 2011 at 11:51 pm

    Hello Conorvan!
    Absolutely the same situation! Look to this message from

    Dear Alexis,
    Your hosting account has been suspended. Details of the account are below:

    Hosting Plan: Default
    Reason: Abuse

    Please contact us within 5 days of this email to get your website back online. Reactivation fee of 10$ may apply.
    Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States,

    !!! And this is free hosting? are real fakers!


  4. Posted by Alexis on Juli 30, 2011 at 6:20 am

    Hello Conorvan again!
    Owner of is very full boy with nickname ”Say-hello” !!!
    If you will take look to this pages then you will understand oll situation:

    First position: (say-hello saling in may his ”Azuli”)

    And second position: ( is affiliator of ””)


    With best regards! Alexis.


  5. Posted by vibin on Juli 30, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    Use worlds best free hosting site.


  6. host can not access 1 / 2 month more,if the host azuli.orgalready closed? how come so how ya? because I want to update can not, can not access cpanel .. azuli.orglink unavailable .. thank you .. but the links I hosted her at azuli.orgstill be accessible, very very strange ..


  7. Posted by Karl on September 21, 2011 at 9:18 pm

    Azuli is (was) not reliable! I had a personal website hosted on their server and they didn’t sent me a mail to tell me to backup my data. When I came from holidays I saw that their site was offline.
    I thought it was for some hours but they sold it!
    Now I lost everything personal and I cannot contact anyone to have it back 😥


  8. shit.I bought a domain there but I cannot manage it now!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Posted by Karl on Oktober 28, 2011 at 12:11 pm

    WTF? How can we get our data back then? Is there still a contact person of Azuli somewhere?


  10. I’d had an account the first time they launched, dated back on 21 march, so you’re not the only coon. And yes, this site sucks.


yang kurang jelas, monggo ditanyakan :D

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